Building Information

Security and Life Safety


U.S. Bank Plaza's exceptional security and life safety program includes state-of-the-art system using closed-circuit television cameras; smoke and fire alarms & strobes; 24/7 fire control panel; card access system; intercom stations; automatic external defibrillators, highly trained security staff; and a 24/7 hour security console. These systems enable the Security Console staff to monitor activities in the building, loading dock, and garage 24 hours a day.

Emergency Procedures

The first step to take in any crisis is to call 911 and the building's Security line at 314-418-2222.

Call Security at 314-418-2222 with any emergency that requires immediate attention such as reports of smoke or fire, a medical situation, or suspicious activity. U.S. Bank Plaza Security will dispatch the St. Louis Fire Department, EMT, or Police Department on your behalf.

U.S. Bank Plaza Security should be notified anytime 911 is called so that building personnel can direct the emergency response teams to the nearest entrance and quickest route to your suite/floor.

Each tenant is highly encouraged to form an Emergency Team. The team members are trained to help communicate with and direct responders during emergency situations. A list of the fire/life safety team members on each floor is kept in each fire hose cabinet along with a list of personnel requiring assistance. Any changes that affect the information on this list should be communicated to the building management team as soon as possible.

Emergency Contact List

The Emergency Contact List, maintained by the building management office, contains the names and phone numbers of key contacts from each company who would be contacted in the event of an emergency. Any changes that affect the information on this list should been given to a member of the building management team as soon as possible.


All questions in relation to security can be directed to the Security Console at 314-418-2222. The security office is staffed 24 hours a day.

Building Identification Badges

Identification badges are a key part of the card access system in the building. Badges are used to gain access to the building, call elevators, and access card -controlled suites. To receive badges for new employees or deactivate cards, contact the Security Console at 314-418-2222.

CPR and Automatic External Defibrillators

Currently automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are housed throughout the building. The most notable are located at the Security desk on the Podium level and in the Security Console, located on the 1st floor of the 8th Street Bank Building. These devices can be used as a first response in assisting an individual suffering from cardiac arrest. All security personnel, as well as the building management team are trained and certified in the use of CPR and AEDs.

The devices are in secured cabinets that are programmed with audible alarms that sound when the cabinet is opened. Should you encounter an individual that is suffering cardiac arrest, contact the security console at 314-418-2222 immediately.